Academic Courses
100 Level 200 Level 300 Level 400 Level 500 Level
[1]AGY 2012Physical Geology
[2]AGY 2032Crystallography And Mineralogy
[3]MNE 3013Engineering Surveying
[4]CHE 2012Inorganic Chemistry
[5]MTS 2013Mathematical Methods
[6]PHY 2053Thermal Physics
[7]GNS 2013Man And His Environment
[8]CSP 2011General Agriculture
[9]MNE 1012Introduction To Mining & Earth Sciences (for Direct Entry Students)
[10]AGY 2092Geology For Engineers I
[11]QSV 2013Principles Of Measurement And Description
[12]URP 2013Basic Elements Of Planning
[13]MTS 2093Introduction To Differential Equations I
[14]AGY 2022Optical Mineralogy
[15]AGY 2042Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology
[16]AGY2121Introductory Field Geology
[17]AGP 2022Introduction To Earth Physics
[18]MET 2042Introduction To The Atmosphere
[19]CHE 2022Analytical Chemistry I
[20]MTS 1224Statistics For Physical Sciences And Engineering
[21]GNS 2023Principles Of Economics
[22]CSP 2102General Agriculture (Practical)
[23]CSP 2022Basic Soil Science
[24]URP 2022Introduction To Urban Planning
[25]GNS 2043African History And Culture
[26]AGY 2102Geology For Engineering II
[27]AGY2052Geological Map Interpretation
[28]AGY2083General Petrology
100 Level 200 Level 300 Level 400 Level 500 Level