In consonance with the mission of the university, the philosophy of the Applied Geology programme is to produce well-trained earth scientists with technologically sound education. By their training, the products of the programme are not only to acquire the basic knowledge of geology but also to be equipped with geological techniques and skills required for exploration and exploitation of water, rocks and mineral resources, all  of which are necessary ingredients for national socio-economic development. At the end of their training, the students are qualified to practice in a professional capacity as Applied Geologists in the oil, gas, water, solid mineral, geotechnical construction and allied industries, as well as in the public sector engaged in exploration and exploitation of the aforementioned resources.



Postgraduate studies in the Department of Applied Geology are designed to provide sound training in the applied aspect of Geology in such a way that the products are of direct relevance to national economic development. The courses have therefore been adequately structured to ensure the attainment of the desired intellectual development, professional skill and competence in the student.


 The postgraduate degree programmes in the department include the following:-

(1) Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Applied Geology


(2) Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Applied Geology with options in:

  •  Mineral Exploration
  •  Remote Sensing
  •  Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology
  •  Petroleum Geology and Sedimentary Geology

 (3) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) with research in the fields of specialization associated with options  in:

  •  Economic/Mining Geology
  •  Exploration Geochemistry
  •  Structural Geology
  •  Petroleum Geology
  •  Remote Sensing
  •  Hydrogeology
  •  Engineering Geology



Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Applied Geology

Requirements for post-graduate degree programme are as outlined by the Board of Postgraduate Studies.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

 Requirements for post-graduate degree programme are as outlined by the Board of Postgraduate Studies.


An independent research project, selected on basis of student’s interest and national priority requirements is carried out under close supervision by a supervisor (or supervisors) nominated by the University. The project must be based on original research in one of the applied fields listed above. The format and submission of the thesis shall be in conformity with guidelines laid down by the School of Postgraduate Studies.


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